i Cryptic Crossword 2315 Morph

July 10, 2018

Morph: that makes a change. It’s his first Tuesday this year and I freely admit that this is one setter I’d rather tackle without a time limit, but as it turned out there was no need to worry since this is a fairly gentle puzzle – and it certainly helps that 4d serves up the theme on a plate, as it were. The only real sticking point was 26ac, which comes in for a good deal of discussion in the comments on Beermagnet’s April 2014 Fifteensquared blog.

Lots to like today, including the two entries related to the theme in the NE and SW corners: a nice touch that. Plaudits for 17, 18 and 28, all elegantly constructed clues; my choice for COD is 12ac, which has been edited and pre-dates by a couple of years the gentleman in question’s remarkable achievements in the terpischorean arts, for which he is now chiefly remembered:

“After dalliance, former shadow minister getting end away was cooperative (6,4)”

Very much looking forward to the fly past later on (see p.13): anybody else lucky enough to be under the flight path?


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2315 Morph”

  1. jonofwales said

    Thoroughly enjoyable, but I found this to be anything but a doddle, staggering over the finish time with a time worthy of a Saturday reprint. Failing to get 6ac quickly, and getting hung up on Cluedo down in the SE corner may have had something to do with this.

    Hope you enjoy the fly past. It’s a few hundred miles out of my way. 🙂

    • batarde said

      Sadly the veterans had peeled off before they got here so it was all jets, but it was certainly a memorable sight, and made a change from the usual Heathrow air traffic.

  2. Jimbo said

    Couldn’t be bothered with this one. I don’t mind the cross-referencing clues unless the gateway clue crosses one of them, as it did here.

    I detest 1D so probably a good idea I did skip this one!

    Saw some of the fly past over my works at Hendon.

  3. sprouthater said

    A day late after a day at the coast and internet problems. I actually got the theme 😁 but gave up on 10ac and 26ac. Had enough of aeroplanes on Saturday the Red Arrows were trying to loosen our roof tiles and then the Slovakian Air Force display team had a go too!

  4. Cornick said

    Even later to comment, but my problem with 26a was not the ‘liest’ bit – we’ve seen that sort of thing before – but rather the first two letters, where I guessed ‘Ho!’ rather than ‘Oi!’ and had holiest – which seemed to fit a ‘holier than thou’ take on ‘most smug’. Hence no joy with 15d cockatoos either.
    Otherwise excellent, maybe the toughest Morph I can remember though – he started his Indy career much easier than this I think.

    Planes not really my thing – although I did love making Airfix models in my youth… glad you enjoyed it though.

    • batarde said

      Oh, that’s interesting because I honestly thought it was one of Morph’s more accessible puzzles. I might have felt differently if 15d hadn’t fallen first, because on reflection “ho” fits the bill at least as nicely as “oi”. Did you catch Filbert’s tour de force in Indy on Tuesday, by the way?

      • Cornick said

        Will seek it out – I’ve clearly been spending too much time working.

      • Cornick said

        To clarify re the difficulty thing, I suppose it was pretty easy by Morph’s own standards to start with and also with the theme, but I did struggle with the last few and failed on the SLEW double definition, although it’s fair of course.

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