i Cryptic Crossword 2312 Donk

July 6, 2018

We end the working week with a puzzle from Donk who has a bit of a reputation for setting tough puzzles with inventive and sometimes risqué content. Well, he doesn’t  disappoint with this offering because it has all of the above. I started slowly, failing with the first few across clues so I broke from my norm and tried the down clues solving 1dn immediately, although the “on vacation” part didn’t win any plaudits from me. But at least I had made a start. 1ac went in although it was only when I saw it written that I understood the parsing and gave it a well deserved tick. I was pleased to solve 6ac from the wordplay as my French is almost on par with my knowledge of television programmes which made 28ac impossible to parse. It wasn’t all plain sailing as my original answer for 2dn was “Blame” and 5dn, well I did think of Roger originally but thought it might be a bit too smutty. Obviously not. In the end it was just 6dn, 19ac and 22ac that were left – all solved by way of the checking letters and needing Fifteensquared to parse.  So we come to nominating just one for COD. Well, the one that amused me the most was –

8dn.   Woman’s fat bottom pinched (3)


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  1. jonofwales said

    Lots of fun to be had today. 🙂 I started at a rate of knots on the RHS and figured this would turn out to be a bit of a doddle, but gradually ground to a halt and staggered over the finish line in the NW corner with 2d and 11ac. Lots not understood when solving, including 1ac which I also only spotted after writing in. Needed help with 11ac which was sort of one you either knew, or didn’t in my case.

  2. batarde said

    Sparky, wasn’t it? Probably puzzle of the week for me, at least in terms of amusement. 1ac showed what sort of things to expect, and yes, to my shame I had that one worked out straight away. I thought as a whole it was a crossword with a rather youthful swagger about it, and some vocabulary to suit – this can only be a good thing so long as it’s done well. Didn’t care for 28ac either, not being a fan at all, but in view of the peppy style I suppose it’s a more appropriate way of tackling the clue than referencing Roy Rogers. 😉

  3. Does Donk also set the Private Eye crossword?

  4. Cornick said

    Brilliant puzzle, the best in a strong week, with several clues worthy of COD status.
    I didn’t detect any smut, just a little gentle innuendo a couple of times – hands up if you were shocked!

  5. AndyO said

    Loved this one – yeah a tad risque but we love it really!! Held up a bit by putting ‘nudge’ for 21ac – sure you can see why!! And yes only myself twigged 1ac after entering it…

  6. batarde said

    For comparison purposes here’s a 2005 clue for 1ac from The Times:

    “Aristocrat finding Rilke an easy job (2-7)”

    One for the traditionalists.

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