i Cryptic Crossword 2302 Poins

June 25, 2018

So the start of another working week and, as expected, an IoS reprint to kick things off. I found this to be a 12ac of two halves – the NE and SW corners flying by in no time at all, but the rest took a little more thought. A cunningly concealed definition at 26d combined with a usage for “drab” I wasn’t expecting at 18d caused me difficulty in the bottom right. Over the other side of the grid it was the lesser-used synonym for mother that gave me a bit of a headache. Oh, and my certainty that 2d began with RE. Once I’d resolved those two, well, it was game over. I suspect 21ac may have caused some solvers difficulties, but thankfully the poet’s name sprang to mind with ease, unusually so for this end of the week. Overall time round about par for the i, so on the difficult side for a Sunday reprint.

And that was really quite good for a Monday puzzle, wasn’t it? Well disguised definitions, some nice wordplay to get your teeth into, a few synonyms that weren’t obvious at first glance. All in all well done, especially compared to some IoS reprints that can sometimes be, yes, a little bit drab.

COD? It took me ages to spot the definition, and is rather well done, so I’ll go with 26d – “Part of answer found after time’s up (4)”.

To March 2014 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2302 Poins”

  1. batarde said

    Good for Poins, certainly. One or two definitions were “well disguised” to the point of being highly debatable in my opinion, but the wordplay was solid enough.

  2. sprouthater said

    A couple of question marks IT = On board and Lax = Wide both remain a mystery to me.

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