i Cryptic Crossword 2288 Tees

June 8, 2018

A Monday reprint this time from Tees, a setter who I would have thought a bit on the tough side to start the week but this puzzle is quite straightforward by his standards.

Two clues with very long answers helped to fill the grid. The first of these, 9ac, was pretty obviously an anagram and the X in the fodder gave the answer away without too much trouble. The other long answer at 14ac had me fooled for a while – the first word being “revised” and the next two words having the required amount of letters had me thinking it was another anagram, which of course it wasn’t. Very nearly made a mistake at 13ac but couldn’t parse the obvious answer – the actual solution was very good. The “troublesome rift” at 7dn made me smile. Both 1dn and 3dn are fairly obscure words but I suspect regular solvers will have seen them before although I don’t recall seeing “ore” clued as Scandinavian money, but Chambers confirms that it was. My only other queries were 28ac where Tees wants us to extract “use” from “good” which I find a bit of a stretch and the updated 5dn which was my LOI mainly because my glasses malfunctioned and I missed the last line of the clue😣 Once this problem was rectified the answer was obvious but I needed the Fifteensquared blog to parse it.

Most of the clues in this puzzle had ticks but I have to give COD to 15dn  –  “Gimme hot sex in Hampshire town? (4,2,4)”.


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2288 Tees”

  1. Cornick said

    Agreed on all points including COD. An very enjoyable puzzle, surprisingly straightforward by Tees standards.
    Whenever I see ‘Bedlam’ I think of the hospital in London, so for me 22d read as ‘refuge from refuge’!

  2. batarde said

    Very much to my taste as per, and in addition to the clear COD that “& lit” made me smile. Honours even between Tees and Monk in the crossword of the week stakes, I rather think.

  3. jonofwales said

    An enjoyable outing from Tees with, as you say, the long answers giving a nice foothold into the grid. 3d needed a trip to the big red book to check, and I didn’t like the use of “&” in the anagram fodder at 24ac, but the rest was nicely done with no other complaints. 🙂

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