Inquisitor 1540 Hand Out by Nitsy

May 9, 2018

On a weekend most of which will be spent all hours of the day and night in hospital what does the Inquisitor have in store? Well as it turns out, by a bit of good fortune, something not too testing. Normal clues for the most part apart from thirteen which don’t have a definition. Three of those “should resolve any doubts solvers might have about entering answers to the other ten”.

So once more into the fray, and… Wasn’t that a quick grid fill? Like probably the quickest ever. Yes, some don’t have definitions, but those are clear enough, the problem with some being that half the wordplay doesn’t relate to the other half, in which case… Go with the checking letters. I’m guessing this is what that mysterious quote above was referring to.

But what’s it all about? Well, three that can be entered without any doubt regarding the wordplay are SCISSORS, ROCK, PAPER and yes, we all know that game. Thus “hand out” then. With the other ten definition-less clues examples of those. TIMES, EXPRESS, SNIPS, SHEARS, BOULDER, TEETER, etc, all being winners I guess.

And wasn’t that fun? A welcome bit of light relief over a weekend when I didn’t have time to tackle anything trickier. So thanks to both setter and editor for that serendipitous timing.


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