Prize Cryptic Crossword 2247 by Phi

April 28, 2018

Saturday 21st April 2018

Well that was good. For those who don’t remember Phi’s appearances in the very first editions of the i, this is how I remember him – classy and inventive. Of course he comes up with a puzzle a week for the Independent these days, plus numerous others in the Inquisitor series and posted on the internet, so maybe his brilliance sometimes gets a bit diluted… But not this time – I had a plethora of ticks in my margin – three doubles indeed. So with podium finishes for 11a and 21a, my COD goes to 15d:

Shun criminal in two minds, say, having offered no confession (9)

And now I’ve seen the Fifteensquared blog (click here), I learn from the setter that there’s a pretty outrageously obscure ‘Nina’ in the puzzle (his term, I’d call it a mini-ghost theme). Apparently there are Christmas Islands (think Noel Inch) in both Nova Scotia and Tasmania, whilst The Andrews Sisters had a song called Christmas Island.


P.S. If you’re keen for more, that Maize chap has a puzzle in today’s Independent. Just click here.

2 Responses to “Prize Cryptic Crossword 2247 by Phi”

  1. batarde said

    Oh dear – I sailed through this one without sighting those islands (unsurprisingly), and without making any notes except for a tick and a smiley face next to 1/29. The Times presented more of a challenge last Saturday, if memory serves. Looking back, 21ac does stand out as noteworthy. Perhaps I am becoming blasé about Phi’s tricks. Looking forward to the new Maize.

  2. jonofwales said

    Now I struggled badly last week, so perhaps I was just out of sort. especially as normal service seems to have been restored this week. Congratulations on today’s publication, looking forward to that! 🙂

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