i Cryptic Crossword 2250 Dac

April 25, 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable outing from Dac that was for the most part pretty straightforward. I say for the most part, because I wonder how many solvers struggled with 12d. I know that I did. The second part of the 5d in question is no doubt familiar to most, but I’m wondering about the first half. The rest fairly flew by, though with one or two not fully parsed, notably 15d where my mind went completely blank as to who the Mr Barlow in question might be. For some reason all I could think was Are You Being Served, even though I don’t believe in retrospect there’s a character with that name in the show. Oh well. The vagaries of memory, and it didn’t matter anyway as the answer was perfectly apparent.

COD? I’ll go with 7d – “Not vain, presumably, in posh fur (6)”.

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2 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2250 Dac”

  1. batarde said

    Highly polished surfaces and a frictionless solve. Quick today. I didn’t bother dredging up the correct Mr Barlow either – something told me that the answer would be irritating. Mr Grant would have suited me better. 🙂

  2. Cornick said

    All good again today, straightforward as you say.
    My youth was steeped in pop music, which occasionally comes in handy.

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