i Cryptic Crossword 2245 Hypnos

April 19, 2018

Today we have an IoS reprint that I found to be a little on the tricky side. We had a number of fairly obscure bits of knowledge in the wordplay – the waterside accommodation and the Arab capital, for example – that left me fairly sure I must have the right answer but with little certainty as to why. A number of others I couldn’t parse, or parsed incorrectly – notably 4d where I was convinced that the “source of music” was Django Reinhardt and then couldn’t work out why the rest wouldn’t work. So perhaps, in retrospect, any problems were of my own making. Last in was 25ac, cryptic definitions never being my strong point, especially when I appear to be on a completely different wavelength to the setter.

COD? Not a great deal leapt out TBH, but I’ll go with 16d which was a quite nicely deceptive cryptic definition that I did see fairly quickly – “A manipulator of blades etc? (9)”.

Back to November 2013 for all the answers and parsing of the clues:



9 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2245 Hypnos”

  1. sprouthater said

    Quite a bit went in without fully understanding why and reading the explanations induced a few groans, in hindsight 1ac has got a couple of ticks. I was convinced it was a “Boatel” but Chambers says otherwise. LOI 25ac.

    • dtw42 said

      Same here! “Boatel” in my head as well(just looked in the Oxford dictionary that is all I have to hand at work, and it lists both but prefers “boatel” too) – that was one of the ones i had a ‘?’ against.

      • Cornick said

        I’m struggling to understand the boatel reference. Suspect I’m being dim…
        Good puzzle though, even if the last 3 or 4 (including those cryptics near the bottom) took me an age.

  2. dtw42 said

    Yeah, I finished in reasonable middling time but found myself putting a bit ‘?’ next to two or three that I’d been unable to parse. I too wanted to put Reinhardt for a bit until the definite D on the end forced me to think further afield. The DJANGO bit took a bit of unpicking for me.

  3. batarde said

    25 was my last in too – a notably weak clue in my opinion, which is a pity because the rest of the crossword was spiffy. Lots of fun, and I’d be inclined to single out 20ac for a special mention because it’s so cheeky.

  4. batarde said

    By the by, has anyone had a go at the “world’s hardest crossword puzzle”? It’s available via a link in this Telegraph article:


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