i Prize Cryptic Crossword 2235 by Phi

April 14, 2018

With this sort of grid – known as a (1,1) grid because that’s where the first black square appears (as opposed to (2,2), (1,2), (2,1) or combinations of those) – you could lay good money on Phi having secreted a secret message or theme in the puzzle. Maybe a Nina around the perimeter or an abstruse theme of New Zealand crime fiction?  But nothing was there.  No pangram, hidden message in the clues, repeated double letters in the answers, no lipograms or hidden words spanning the gaps in the grid.  Nada, zilch, zip.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about a puzzle which, as I write this, has slipped quietly from memory already.  I notice, upon retrieving my i from the fire-lighting pile, that ‘Banditti’ at 10a is a new word, and now I come to think of it 25a ‘Crystal Set’ caused me to pause, but otherwise everything was presumably satisfactory.  Four clues have ticks by them, one of which coincides with a favourite of RatkojaRiku’s blog of the puzzle from 2013 (click here to see it), so that can be the COD:

9d Explain how lighter citizens of ancient city will have to conserve energy (5,3,5)



5 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 2235 by Phi”

  1. batarde said

    Exactly the same here: four ticks; a particular liking for 9d, and only a hazy recollection of solving the puzzle. Mild disapproval of 20ac and the last two down clues. Having read “The Mysteries of Udolpho” earlier this year I did know about the banditti , because the book is crawling with them. Solvers with a perfectly understandable indifference to early English Gothic fiction have every right to feel put out, I reckon.

  2. jonofwales said

    I was quite relieved to find a straightforward puzzle over a weekend when I didn’t have much time to solve. The distractions of sun, sea, sand and, oh, the bar. 🙂 Understandably perhaps I can remember little beyond that.

  3. sprouthater said

    A straightforward puzzle and all the better for it. 9ac struck me as a bit over convoluted, 1dn and 10ac quite obscure, 5 and 9dn both getting a couple of ticks.

  4. batarde said

    Sorry to do this via blog but our broadband is kaput until Wednesday. Can someone please cover for me on Tuesday ?
    Sent from my toaster.

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