Inquisitor 1536 Exits by Schadenfreude

April 11, 2018

The long bank holiday weekend looms, and with it a bumper issue of the i Weekend, and… Schadenfreude, who can tend to be a little difficult, so does this mean we have a bumper Inquisitor to boot? The preamble… Seven… somethings to appear in the perimeter, another three to be gleaned from the initial letters of words removed from each clue before solving. Oh, ten answers are to be “treated” before entry, and we’ve got to highlight something at the close. But first I’ve got some painting to do so hang on a minute. Yes, time off work and that list of jobs I’ve been saving for a rainy day, and being a bank holiday it’s most definitely rainy.

Those clues, and as expected this is looking to be reasonably tough. Mind you there’s a generous anagram at 24d, a city I hadn’t heard of though Google has, and we’re off, if slowly, making progress first in the SE and then the NE corners. An equally generous anagram at 36 gives WAR NEUROSIS which isn’t going to fit, so must be one that needs to be treated, though I don’t know how. Ditto DEEP FRY further north, because what else are you going to do in a chippy?

Let’s have a look at that perimeter with the RHS fairly full and the rest, well, not at all complete. I’m going to bet that reads BOWLED, RUN OUT, CAUGHT… Which are all methods of getting out in a game I’m not overly familiar with. Luckily Google has got a handy list of what might go in the perimeter. And of course the first letters of those words we have to remove. We can get the remainder now which is going to make solving the rest of the grid a bit of a doddle. Ha ha. OBSTRUCTING THE FIELD, TIMED OUT, HIT BALL TWICE. Nope, not heard of any of those, and the second sounds more like something to send shivers down the spine of any IT Administrator. But cricket… Those treated answers… I might not know much about the noble game, but I do know that WARNE is (was?) a cricketer, which means we can enter UROSIS for 36ac. There were loads of players called FRY as well.

Well, let’s get going with the rest of the grid. Those treated answers. Are they supposed to always give real words for grid entries? Well mine don’t. TSKIN anyone? Maybe I’ve just got this horribly wrong, but I can’t think of any other way they’re going to work, though it does leave me with a little doubt about some of those cricketers I’ve got out, as some seem to be more than a little obscure.

25ac. We don’t talk about 25ac. Twenty four hours that one held out for. It’s evidently one that needs to be treated. As it turns out I had heard of Professor Challenger, giving HALL as our last cricketer, though which one who can tell, and CENGES as the grid entry.

So who’s our “survivor”? Another cricketer no doubt. AMES is up there in the NW corner, but why’s he a survivor? I don’t know. He was supposed to have been pretty handy with a bat and ball, but, no, that doesn’t feel like a particularly satisfactory answer to me. Just because he’s still in the grid? Maybe I’ve got it all horribly wrong. Perhaps I’ll read and weep over the Fifteensquared blog when it appears. What to do? Wait with bated breath, and gaze at the falling rain.


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