Inquisitor 1534 Unsatisfying by Phi

March 28, 2018

In which we hope Phi will be anything but. But first, the small matter of doing (sorry helping with) some Maths homework, and scouring the shelves of the supermarket for that suddenly rare resource bread – yes, the Beast from the East is about to pay a return visit. On the plus side, curry and chips, the king of Saturday lunchtimes. And look, is that white stuff falling from the sky?

Phi’s out to confuse us this week. Three different clue types. Group A needs to be expanded to fill the allocated cells, Group B has a redundant word or (shudders) phrase defining an answer in A, and Group C letters that need to be restored spelling out what Group A are. Lots to remember.

We should be used to Phi by now, what with his weekly appearances in the i, so perhaps that’s why the clues don’t actually feel that difficult. G + look fierce must equal GLOWER, even if that doesn’t help us with the grid entry. But if we expand to GALLOWSMAKER (Ok, this came much later), and take “Someone behind hanging” from another clue, we’re sorted. Almost forgot to mention, word of the day has got to be SCOFFLAW at 1ac, with “vacant” unexpectedly redundant – was I the only person to assume it’d be part of the wordplay? And was citadel + supporting in the wordplay ever going to be anything but FORT?

In other words, despite the above distractions, and trying to watch a film at the same time, this proved to be a bit of a doddle. Which I’m not complaining about, I’m still about Harribobsed out. Oh yes, the letters in Group C, what did they amount to? Well, that would be DUSTY ANSWERS, which according to Chambers are “unsatisfying, unfruitful, or sordid response(s)”. So there you go, that was what it was all about. Now excuse me while I shiver and wait for the Grauniad to finally put up a usable version of Azed’s latest on their site.

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