Prize Cryptic Crossword 2217 by Phi

March 24, 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

Which I found a fair deal trickier than did the good people of Fifteensquared here.  The consensus back in 2013 was that this was easier than usual for Phi, whereas I thought he’d cranked the level of difficulty up a few notches… Maybe it was because I was solving somewhat surreptitiously whilst standing amongst the mums and dads on the touchline, watching the youngest play American Football. O joy of joys.

Tricky words early on included Coati-mundi, Confrere and Drogheda, whilst at the end Tele-ad took me an age to spot, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to put the unfamiliar ‘Shark’s Manners’ in any more than the faintest of biro.

Runner up for COD was 8d, and the gold medal goes to the following:

13/22a Old North American concealed heavyweight round object, without hope of success (2,1,6,2,7)


P.S. Using my alternative monicker of Maize, I have a puzzle in today’s Independent on line.  Click here to save yourself having to wait four-and-a-half years for it to appear in the i – inshallah.

3 Responses to “Prize Cryptic Crossword 2217 by Phi”

  1. batarde said

    Let’s see: I have “pfft” for 25ac; “again?” for that tele-ad; a tick and an “ish” for 15ac; single ticks for 3 and 24d, and a double for 8d. Seems I was more engaged than usual. Can’t say that it felt much different from the normal run of Saturday fare – just the usual Phi shenanigans.

  2. jonofwales said

    I’ve noted on my copy that I struggled badly, but can’t remember much more beyond that! 6d I’d never heard of before, and that grid looks odd, but…

    Congratulations, BTW, on today’s Independent publication!

  3. sprouthater said

    I thought this was more enjoyable than most from Phi, only “Shark Manners” being really obscure no theme or opera / classical music knowledge required. 2dn got a smile and two ticks.

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