i Cryptic Crossword 2219 Anax

March 20, 2018

A welcome re-appearance by Anax today, who can be relied upon to serve up something to get one’s teeth into. This is a Saturday prize reprint from November 2013 and quite a worthwhile challenge. The theme refers to 2d, for which Anax has generously supplied a nice easy clue – do not expect too many of those however. As is my custom of late, here is a supplementary pictorial hint.

Plenty of entries refer back to 2d, and of course some solvers dislike that sort of thing. Please do not dismiss the puzzle as “nonsense” though, because it is rigorously compiled and every last jot and tittle can be accounted for. That said, 23ac isn’t in the current edition of Chambers and the handy list referred to in the final comment on the Fifteensquared blog seems to have disappeared, alas, to be replaced with a passing reference in the inexplicable “Word Lover’s Ramble” section. A few eyebrow raisers: 22ac and the first part of 16d were not familiar; the definition in 24d was, but clearly not to everyone, and the double appearance of “what” in 1d and 11ac is perhaps a little unfortunate. Otherwise no quibbles. 1 and 15ac both raised a smile as did 6 and 7d, but my COD is 19ac on grounds of bathos:

“Promotion put out about a new flash diarist (6,4)”

I note that the print is prayer book tiny today. That will not please Cornick.


10 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2219 Anax”

  1. jonofwales said

    A few question marks here and there – and I make no apologies for looking up 17ac and 23ac (which isn’t in Chambers, and is a pretty tricky Google if your Italian’s not up to scratch) – but the rest was pretty accessible, and enjoyable too. 25d I was pleased to see I’d got right despite the slightly eccentric definition. A welcome return for Anax.

  2. Cornick said

    Sparkling, inventive and pretty hard – I was pleased to get through without recourse to electronic aids, but I did need the ‘Big Red Book’ to check a few.
    Curiously the Independent used to allow ‘house’ to indicate a sign of the zodiac, but then Hob, I’m told, pointed out that sign and house are quite different things, so the indicator for Leo used in 17a wouldn’t get past the editor nowadays (yes, I speak from bitter experience!).
    Print size okay on a day like today when the sun is shining in Cornwall. 🙂

  3. sprouthater said

    Pretty hard indeed spent ages looking for the non-exitent pasta at 23ac after entering 21dn with the really obscure “SC” but that wasn’t as obscure as the gratingly awful “illin” part of 28ac, the rest was ok though.

  4. dtw42 said

    Okay, I’ve given up and come here with most of the SE corner (apart from 29ac) still blank.

  5. dtw42 said

    Pfff. 23ac not in Chambers, Bradfords, the NODE, or any of Crossword Compiler’s word lists. I call that unfair.

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