Prize Cryptic Crossword 2193 by Phi

February 24, 2018

Saturday 17th February 2018

Last weekend’s Phi had something of the feel of a barred puzzle, I thought. Not so much the wordplay elements, which were straightforward enough (deletions and anagrams abounding as per), but rather the solutions – especially those animals – which presumably took up residence in some of the remoter corners of Noah’s Ark. At any rate I don’t remember the Sumpter, Green-drake, Alevin or Sterlet in any of the illustrations from my Children’s Bible.

Leaving aside all that, and the description of Noah as an ‘historic’ sailor (hmm), I found this to be a very enjoyable ruse indeed. The animals did indeed come in two by two, paired and orderly with Noah/S’ark to hold them in place. Lovely. And no shame in using dictionaries last week –  this was a fun challenge and just right for a Saturday.

Precious few ticks mind you – the theme was the real winner here – so I’ll give the COD to the following:

1d Stay in endlessly violent Eastern state capital (5,5)

All the answers, a different leader of the UN in 18d, and some input from the setter can be found here.

2 Responses to “Prize Cryptic Crossword 2193 by Phi”

  1. batarde said

    Yes, although Phi is always entertaining it’s nice to see him using a different device for a change. This was more the sort of thing I’d expect from Scorpion, say. He broke most of the rules in the process, and as you say there was a bit of a barred grid feel to the thing, but the only element which irked me was the use of an American spelling. 1d seems as good a choice for COD as any, although my method of solving was the old “guess the answer straight away then work out why” trick. My single tick went to 5d.

  2. jonofwales said

    I found this a little irritating at first, but began to enjoy it more once I’d worked out what was going on. The “historic” sailor thing was an odd choice of wording, but never mind… Thankfully I had a dictionary to hand to check some of the beasts referenced.

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