i Cryptic Crossword 2137 Commoner

December 13, 2017

The snow is busy being washed away outside by the torrential rain which has followed, so the kids are back in school and normal service is resumed. Well, sort of, because Dac is AWOL and we have an IoS reprint from Commoner in its place. Not that I’m complaining because this was thoroughly enjoyable, perhaps a little easier than Wednesdays often are. A couple of unknowns in the answers at 15d and 20ac, but all perfectly gettable from the wordplay. A good puzzle to show to any aspiring solvers out there.

First in was the NW corner in a flash, last the SW corner at something approaching a crawl. This was partly because I lobbed in 13d from two letters and the definition alone, and then couldn’t find anything immediately to cross it, panicked a little and spent too long parsing the (as it turns out) relatively straightforward cryptic.

I always look for a Nina when I see a row of unchecked letters at the top and bottom of the grid, but well, there wasn’t.

COD? The aforementioned 15d, which is nicely done, and very satisfying to solve – “Zeus can perform lines (4,4)”.

To August 2013 once more:



6 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2137 Commoner”

  1. dtw42 said

    Well, I put in 90% of this pretty smoothly and then really struggled on the last few. 20ac was new to me; as was 15dn (for which I had something-DOLL pencilled in for a long time, which didn’t help 25ac); and wasn’t much impressed with Dense = HARD. Otherwise, fair enough; liked most of the NE corner stuff.

  2. Jimbo said

    An enjoyable romp, with a bumpy start and finish but a rattling rate in the middle. Perhaps not as many ticks as one would normally expect but very few frowns either. I appreciated a slightly easier ride today, due to being far too busy at work still!

  3. Cornick said

    As with dtw42, 90% smoothly in – lots of it definitely beginner level stuff, really, but a couple of crackers too – then one or two tricky ones at the end.
    Forced into guesswork on 15d, I went for John Dere – imagining lines being ploughed by a type of tractor called a Zeus. Well, genera of fish – I ask you!

  4. AndyT said

    I suppose I ought to have checked 15d, although the clue didn’t leave much room for doubt once I’d shaken off the idea of “Jove”; 20ac was familiar but it’s one of those words which has a number of spellings and that one made me squint a bit. Didn’t like dense for hard either. However – enjoyable, breezy stuff throughout … one has the uneasy feeling that we’ll pay for today’s easy ride either tomorrow or on Friday.

  5. sprouthater said

    Yup pretty straightforward just a few tricky ones, the fish was a lucky guess, wasn’t keen 18ac but it was 1dn that I couldn’t parse.

  6. Last one in: the Hoffman character.

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