i Cryptic Crossword 2126 Hypnos

November 30, 2017

A fairly straightforward, enjoyable IoS reprint to ease us towards the end of the week. The SW corner needed a little more thought than the rest, though my LOI was 25ac elsewhere in the grid. Not because I couldn’t work out the cryptic bit, but because I was convinced it must be wrong based on the definition. The consensus over on the other side was that this was tough for a Sunday, so your mileage may vary.

COD? 16d – “Healthy drink about to be consumed by chap close to poolside area (5,3)”.

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5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2126 Hypnos”

  1. dtw42 said

    Middling here – fairly enjoyable, tricky in places (yes, SW corner was the last area) … thought one or two of the definitions were a bit shaky though – agreed that “pop” is quite unfamiliar in that context. 8dn was new to me, too.

  2. AndyT said

    Yep, pleasant enough, except for 8d which was ‘orrible. Whilst I was taken with 13ac it would have been better sacrificed to permit a respectable word to take that slot instead of a malformed Graeco-Latin monstrosity – in my humble opinion. 😉

  3. sprouthater said

    Mostly enjoyable needed to look down into the dusty part of the thesaurus to find reconcile some of the definitions. Didn’t help myself by penciling in Flamingo for 24ac, like other answers it nearly works☺

  4. Cornick said

    Felt like a Monday. Agreed with AndyT re 8d/ 13a. I’m sure Hypnos could have parked the clue for the latter in a list of ‘Clues awaiting puzzles’ or some such.

  5. Had difficulty for some reason in parsing dollop and fledgeling. 9a last on in. Why would a telead appear in a broadsheet?

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