Inquisitor 1516 One in Pieces by eXtent

November 22, 2017

Perhaps Nimrod thought we’d got off lightly the other week, because today look it’s another jigsaw, with not one but two grids to contend with. Such fun. A few unclued entries, eight thematic clues without definitions. No doubt it will all become clear at the close.

So to the clues, and thankfully with all that cold solving they’re fairly forgiving of my solving abilities. Especially Saturday afternoon when I’m not usually on top form. Just a pity that we don’t know what to do with any of them. I’ve noted where the 9 and 8 length clues go in both grids, in the hope they might provide a definite answer. With what I’ve got they don’t of course. Let’s chuck ALLEVIATE in the left hand grid, with ALOPECIA crossing it, and see how we get on. That gives what may or may not be crossing letters, but doesn’t help that much. The clues are in alphabetical order of the answers, which does, a little.

Those clues without definitions then. I’ve got one – IVOR. A list of setters then? No, that’s Ifor. Doh. But what about “People with common ancestor, German saint”, CLAN GER S. Surely not the Clangers? And Ivor the Engine? Oliver Postgate, the co-creator of both (yes, I had to Google that), will fit in those unclued entries in the right hand grid. Let’s chuck him in. And that side rapidly begins to fill, partly based on the certainty that BAGPUSS is going to be in there somewhere, and look there’s NOGGIN the Nog, which I vaguely remember.

So the obvious answer is that the left hand grid will have something to do with Peter Firmin, except his name won’t fit into the unclued entries. So I’ve got no idea. But I do have a much smaller list of clues to work with, so let’s go. And look, there’s another thematic clue. BEDKNOBS. And broomsticks? There’s another one, MURDER She Wrote. Got to be Angela Lansbury then. Chuck her name in the unclued entries. Two more thematic entries – BEAUTY and the BEAST.

The last unclued entry linking the grids? There’s not a lot that will match COU?INS, and lo and behold they were. Who knew? eXtent of course. Thanks then for a fun outing that wasn’t as scary as it first looked, with something new learnt along the way. Jigsaws? Pah, no problem.

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