i Cryptic Crossword 2100 Hob

October 31, 2017

Hob is a relative newcomer to the i and a very welcome addition to the cast, having provided a handful of puzzles all of which have been conspicuously witty and inventive. More of the same today, and I for one enjoyed myself immensely despite the theme being based on one of my worst blind spots. The consensus over at Fifteensquared back in June 2013 was that it’s a pretty difficult crossword, and it probably is a touch trickier than the Tuesday average. All fair and above board however, with the exception of 24ac which caused a near riot amongst the Francophone contingent on the other side. I’m glad Eimi saw fit to leave it in: it’s not as if there’s any ambiguity in the clue vis-à-vis the required answer after all, even though it would doubtless provoke a derisive sneer from across La Manche.

An impressive tally of ticks today, many of them representing smiles and the occasional chuckle. Appreciative thumbs up go to 10, 16, 21 and 30ac; also 8, 18/11 and 19d. 20ac is a strong COD candidate but the definition was just a shade too cheeky for me, so I’m falling back on the very crosswordy 14d:

“Made a lot of trouble for Sid? (6,4)

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2100 Hob”

  1. jonofwales said

    One of the more difficult Thursday reprints we’ve had for a while. I stared at this for an age earlier, with only three clues entered, but made better progress later after a bit of lunch. 29ac I wasn’t particularly fond of – an obscure lorry and an obscure plant… Yes, 24ac is wrong. No, I didn’t notice. 🙂

  2. sprouthater said

    Certainly on the difficult side but I had heard of all the themed answers which helped once I’d worked out what the theme was. I don’t like all these clues that need cross checking with others but they were all pretty clever and inventive. Agree with COD but as you say 20ac just as worthy.

  3. dtw42 said

    I gave up with only 7 answers in, none of which were any of the linked ones. Glad you guys did better than me.

  4. Cornick said

    Superb. I thought it was the originality in the clueing which provided the difficulty, not obscurities – well, the hedgerows in Cornwall are filled with red campion in May – indeed I firmly believe it’s them, along with the (white) stitchwort and bluebells which keep the Cornish separatists at bay.

  5. Jimbo said

    Tough but fair IMO, a good tussle. I had to cheat on 3 clues but kicked myself on 1a when I saw it. My one moan is the – not just here but ubiquitous – use of girls’ names for “female”. I always expect “her” or “she” instead but I guess it’s well established practice so very maybe it’s just me.

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