i Cryptic Crossword 2064 Radian

September 19, 2017

Radian has supplied us with several Tuesday puzzles in recent months, all of which have been satisfying, well-made and fairly tricky. This one is of a different order of difficulty though, or so it seemed to me at least. A rather unhelpful grid with sketchy connections between the four corners and ungenerous checking did nothing to make life easier, and some of the vocabulary is recondite.

It won’t give much away to say that the theme concerns the theatre: it’s extensive and cleverly realised – and since it passed me by I shall simply refer everyone to the erudite, cultured folks of Fifteensquared to pick it apart. Were I better informed on the subject that would’ve helped, a lot. There’s a wide variety of clue types and some fine misdirection to enjoy, providing an appetising smörgåsbord of COD candidates from which to choose: too many to mention individually, in fact. Oh, go on then … I really liked 11, 14 and 18, but there are plenty of others. In a spirit of sheer perversity my choice is 8d, mostly because I was pleased to get it from the wordplay:

Thus spake Zaruthustra – classic Birds (thanks to Nietzsche initially) (7)”

Back to the balmy days of May 2013 for this puzzle’s original appearance.


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  1. dtw42 said

    I suspected the theme fairly early on, but knew that I had limited knowledge of it, so decided to Google a list. Like yesterday, I made much quicker progress in the top half than the bottom, but at least I did manage to finish today, and nothing made me grumble or curse. Though there were a few I put in without understanding the parsing (11ac, ahem).

  2. jonofwales said

    I must admit that the theme proper passed me by. “Something to do with the theatre” was a far as I got. Definitely on the tricky side, though not impossibly so. That said, I lobbed in a fair few without fully understanding what was going on, most notably (and early on) with 5/16. Finish time a little above par for the i.

    I had ticks by 23ac and 29ac, though lots to appreciate and enjoy today.

  3. Cornick said

    Theatre is supposed to be my thing, sort of, but I still had to resort to Chambers Word Wizard for a few near the end (not helped by having wrongly entered Antipodes for 14a).
    Much to admire though from a top setter.
    Am I the first to make the link between 13a and the Stoppard play Travesties? A mighty good play, that.
    And blimey, 12 anagrams.

  4. dtw42 said

    For those doing 2065 by Dac today, finding that there’s no clue printed for 20dn, here’s my guess as to what it may have been…

    “Construction worker left during row (5)” 😉
    Too easy?

  5. DB said

    20th, 2017 at 10:20 pm
    I’ve vaguely heard of Tom Stoppard but didn’t even know be was a playwright. This one went straight in the bin I’m afraid. Why can’t there ever be themed puzzles about electropop or football or anything vaguely non-elitist.

  6. AndyT said

    Greetings. Tuesday’s puzzle is almost always themed, but I would hardly say that subject matter tends towards elitism. This is the first literary one for three months (the Canterbury Tales was the last), and in the meantime we’ve had quite a variety including the horsemeat scandal; bread; Quentin Tarantino; cricket; The Silence of the Lambs; sheep; cricket; Roy Orbison, and Cluedo last week.

    For some reason it feels like football references have been less frequent lately (praise be), but they’re a firm favourite with setters. As for electropop, I really wouldn’t bet against it coming up one day. Hasn’t happened yet though, as far as I know.

    Knowledge of Stoppard was not necessary to complete this puzzle, by the way – as I proved by blundering through all unawares.

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