Prize Cryptic Crossword 2050 by Phi

September 9, 2017

Saturday 2nd September 2017

IT IS THE NINETEENTH OF APRIL appeared around the periphery which was the date that the puzzle originally appeared back in 2013 – see the Fifteensquared blog here. I spent most of the puzzle trying to work out what the Nina was likely to be – a bit like this Topic advert from my childhood.

Up until yesterday (when Rorschach’s 6-month-old nephew’s name appeared in full) that was the least significant Nina I’d ever seen, but who knows, maybe next week we’ll get ‘Ooh, look at that great big spider’ or ‘Do you fancy a cup of cha-cha luv?’

Clues a tad harder than usual , with Arpeggione being new to me. I recommend this bit of playing for anyone interested.

And here’s what I’m sure will be a popular nomination for COD:

11a Prominent part of male anatomy appals dame when waved (5,5)


3 Responses to “Prize Cryptic Crossword 2050 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    Crikey, that advert took me back. Sounds like Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden. I have suspected for a while that Phi’s themes and Ninas are often more for his own amusement than ours, and this one certainly didn’t add much to the user experience, did it? Reasonable crossword; no ticks, but no question marks either.

  2. sprouthater said

    Spotted the Nina but got hung up with 4dn and 13ac both of which were new to me, came back to it Sunday evening and with a bit of help finished it.

  3. jonofwales said

    I solved this very slowly while also fixing my son’s computer. I’m not sure which was the trickier. Completely missed the Nina.

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