i Cryptic Crossword 2055 Rorschach

September 8, 2017

Now, when I started this I was convinced it was an IoS reprint, such was the speed the answers went in. As time went on, and I began to struggle a little more, I was still convinced it was, but that I’d lost whatever solving skills I might once have had. Spotting a non-existent Nina of Noah’s Ark across the top of the grid didn’t help matters, or convincing myself that 12ac ended with LUCK. Oh well, I got there in the end. I didn’t like 24d much. Having to split Hot and point like that seemed to be asking a little too much of the solver. The two cryptic definitions together at 5d and 12ac, neither of which were necessarily obvious, also felt lack a lapse of judgement. The rest, though, was very good.

Apologies for the lateness, BTW, it has been one of those days.

COD? 11ac – “Guitarist/songwriter? (5)”.

As it turns out this is a Saturday Prize Puzzle reprint, which explains some of the difficulty:



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  1. dtw42 said

    Bah. Similarly, I started fine, spotted what looked like it was going to be a SF theme (with 8, 1, and 27), and also tipped up by the phantom nina across the top … then all fell apart round the bottom middle. Got fed up with that bit and just came here to look at the answers. Turns out the SF theme developed a little but but not much.

  2. AndyT said

    It hasn’t been one of those days here, so I’m more inclined to take an indulgent view of Rorscach’s various liberties. After all, I really enjoyed the puzzle, which provided a decent challenge without being in the least po-faced about it. I note with mild amusement the “very clever, young man – we’ll make a setter of you yet” tone of some of the comments on t’other side. They’re a tough lot, aren’t they?

  3. sprouthater said

    Glad I didn’t have to blog this. It seemed to go from the ridiculously easy to the preposterously difficult which just led to a loss of interest.

  4. Did anyone ever discover who Noah Mark Hubbard was?

  5. Cornick said

    Unfortunately I was very disappointed because I have LOVED some of Rorschach’s earlier puzzles, but after those several easy first clues this soon became impenetrable and by the end (after lots of internet help, question marks and, it turns out, mistakes) I just felt grumpy and wished I’d thrown in the towel much earlier.

    Noah Mark Hubbard is Rorschach’s nephew. Hrrmph.

    • Cornick said

      To wax on the Nina, if I may, I get it that they’re just an extra bit of fun which are not essential for the solver… but they’re an extra bit of fun for the solver – potentially at least – not for the setter. Still grumpy!

      • AndyT said

        I seem to remember Dac chucking this sort of Nina in to celebrate a birthday or anniversary recently. Perhaps it’s more than common than we think, but at any rate Rorschach’s could hardly have been more obtrusive. I do understand your disgruntlement, but given that it was quite a wacky puzzle all told it just got a shrug from me.

        Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about last Saturday’s Nina on the morrow, by the way.

  6. PJ said

    I finished it (LOI CARB) and thought there was much to enjoy. 29a, 7d, 23d all have ticks as does 24d. Then again, I realise that I would say that, wouldn’t I? If I’d been defeated I’d be more critical, perhaps, but I’m still a bit surprised that the general mood is a thumbs down.

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