Inquisitor 1505 Total Wipeout by eXtent

September 6, 2017

Memories of some of which aren’t what they should be. I filled in most of the grid before a week’s holiday in West Wales, which meant I was in a bit of a rush because there were other things I really should have been doing. Like packing. Making sure bits weren’t about to fall off the car. And not worrying about extra letters in clues and what they’d reveal. No, my mind wasn’t on the job. Nevertheless, I had an almost full grid, albeit with a few entries blank, including all those that required modification, despite having worked out / half guessed what those extra letters were supposed to spell out:

elimination of undesirable elements

Fast forward a week. Beach. Bar. Sea. Sunshine. Sand. The puzzle untouched, despite being carted all the way there and back. Encota’s Inquisitor debut, but more on that next week. Oh yes, there’s that one from eXtent to polish off. Sunday afternoon, in the rain that’s been good enough to wait until we’re back off holiday. The dawning realisation that the undesirable elements will be… well, elements:


Almost forgot, we need to make a similar adjustment to five adjacent cells in the completed grid. We’ve got to remove the CLOUD that’s right there bang in the middle? Step (ii), enter a word to complete the puzzle. Got to be where CLOUD was. Look at what will fit. PURGE, literally a total wipeout? I haven’t got any better ideas. Phew, that felt like a bit of an epic struggle, maybe because it genuinely was difficult, or maybe just because of the solving conditions. Thanks, eXtent, for a decent, mind-blowing puzzle.


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