i Cryptic Crossword 2052 Raich

September 5, 2017

A fairly undemanding but typically well constructed puzzle from a dependable setter today, with a theme concerning one 28ac. Not my specialist subject, but even so it was apparent what was going on from the outset thanks to the pair across the top. Raich is to be congratulated on cramming a lot of thematic material into the grid without resort to any real obscurities – and indeed he was back in February 2013 when the Fifteensquared regulars were unanimous in their praise.

Once again we have plenty of anagrams to get proceedings off to a speedy start, but in truth there was nothing especially tricky to deal with. The two 16s held me up for a while, for some reason. 6d struck me as a perfect example of the conventional crossword clue: that cathedral city, a spot of Latin and possibly the most familiar abbreviation of them all, wrapped up in a flawless surface. Sterling stuff, even if it was a write-in.  21d was rather fun, wasn’t it? My COD is a little bit cheeky, however:

20ac: “Tributary in US” initially baffles a solver (5)”


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  1. sprouthater said

    1ac and 3ac were my first in and I twigged the theme straightaway which was a surprise as I never spot them. It rather took the pleasure out of your COD because 19ac was solved and I new what the answer to 20ac would be before reading the clue. My own favourite in this as you say undemanding puzzle was 13dn.

  2. dtw42 said

    Didn’t leave any of us Crying did it?
    I don’t know too many of the gentleman in question’s works, but – as Sprouthater said – getting 1 and 3 set off a rather loud theme-klaxon. It at least had me looking for a (6,5) to put in with only a momentary glance at the clue.

  3. jonofwales said

    On the easy side, so much so that I was surprised it wasn’t an IoS reprint. The bottom half put up a little struggle, but thanks to a friend at university being a big fan of 28ac, I was more than familiar with the songs in question.

  4. Cornick said

    Yes, the theme was apparent because 1a and 3a were two of the easiest clues in a generally user-friendly crossword… confirmation of the BBC4 on a Sunday evening mindset required for many a themed puzzle hereabouts.
    Agreed on COD, which was pleasing somehow. I think 38 clues just might be an all-time record.

  5. Really enjoyed this one. I was looking for a Big O as a nina… No new words today although the Turkish Port in 23d was the last in. How does that work by the way?

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