i Cryptic Crossword 2048 by Klingsor

August 31, 2017

Standing in for JonofWales with some trepidation on a Thursday, I was delighted to see Klingsor’s name – I’m a bit of a fan, you see. He didn’t disappoint, with plenty of ingenuity to keep me gripped and some beautifully constructed clues, including a generous serving of &Lits (where the definition is also the wordplay  & the whole clue).  Mind you, there were a couple I couldn’t parse (1a, 27a) and one, 21a, I gave up on.  Maybe if I’d left it and come back later in the day it would have been obvious, but with the answer just a computer click away and a blog to be posted, I gave up at the death.

Just right for what is traditionally a fairly stiff challenge sort of a day (for some reason) I can see why its original Monday appearance raised a few eyebrows over at Fifteensquared.

COD: 15a. Primarily, any thing embodying parts evil and doubly good? (7,3)

Genius, I thought, even if it was one where you get it and only realise why afterwards.


5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2048 by Klingsor”

  1. AndyT said

    The ticks kept piling up today. A sterling puzzle with plenty of entertainment value – now that I’m somewhat attuned to his wavelength Klingsor is a firm favourite. Must admit that 27ac went in on the basis that it couldn’t be anything else, but of course having seen the explanation I’m kicking myself for not having persisted. Agreed on the COD, although the crossword is anything but.

  2. dtw42 said

    I too couldn’t parse 1 or 27; I managed to suss 21, but gave up on 23. I’m obviously less of a fan of Klingsor than some; the name made me groan a little when I saw it this morning.

  3. sprouthater said

    Bit of a 15ac for me, it wasn’t the ticks that were piling up but the question marks. 15ac begins with Primarily so we know to look for the first letters but 1ac A = Active, 20ac D = Deserted struck me as poor. I did manage to parse 21ac and gave it a tick but then spoiled it by writing it in with only one T and double G causing a bit of a delay with 22dn. Still can’t parse 11ac, I see the court part but Detained = Look ?

    • AndyT said

      “Lo” = look, detained within “cour(t)”. Both abbreviations are supported by Chambers – yes, I was surprised by “d” too.

      • sprouthater said

        Yes thanks. I’ve been pondering this all the way to and from the vets and it finally came to me . It was the See I couldn’t see, see?😀

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