Inquisitor 1504 Small Amounts by Phi

August 30, 2017

Welcome back, as a hush descends on the house on Inquisitor day – yes, thankfully, the youngest two have been invited to a birthday bash, and it’s just warm enough to sit outside. So to a garden chair with Phi’s latest offering. Five acrosses and five downs have wordplay referencing an extra letter, some unclued entries, a greyed out diagonal, put the first with the last to work out what to do with the bits in the middle. What could possibly go wrong.

As it turns out, not a great deal. Lots of clues that wouldn’t look out of place in Phi’s weekly prize cryptic, extra letters that are very forthcoming, and a diagonal it quickly becomes apparent is going to read DRIBS AND DRABS.

So what about those extra letters? The across ones read BIRDS, the downs BARDS. So I’m guessing the unclued entries are going to be anagrams of birds and poets in the acrosses and downs respectively? Yep. TOILE for ELIOT, LOUSE for OUSEL, and so on. A little head scratching, a few poets I wasn’t sure of, a little help from an anagram solver, and… That’s our completed grid.

A shortish blog, sorry Phi, for a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle that was definitely at the easier end of the spectrum, solved in about half the time I usually manage these. Deliberately, I suspect, after a couple of tricky offerings earlier in the month, or in anticipation of something more difficult to come? So until next time, when the question is, will it really be a total wipeout?

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