Inquisitor 1503 Obeying a Rule by Eclogue

August 23, 2017

So after a difficult couple of weeks with the IQ, has Eclogue got something easier in store? First impressions (after noting that pesky black square is present in the centre of the grid for the second week in a row) aren’t encouraging – a preamble that is about as clear as… well, something extremely unclear. Definitions scrambled with an extra letter, use them to form the start of a thematic “opening”. Clashes we enter with a cross – going to be lots of letters then – and a bit of jiggery pokery at the close. Confused? Dive in and hope for the best.

The grid this time proves to be a much easier fill, which is lucky. Remember that sinus infection I mentioned last week? Yep, it’s still hanging on in there, and despite antibiotics it’s about all I can do to drag myself out of bed to the kitchen table and this week’s i. Happy, carefree summer days… A few cells where it appears clashes means we have to squeeze in extra letters, though only the two for now. So by tea-time Saturday about 99% of the grid is filled. But will that last 1% take 99% of the time? Sort of. I’m struggling. Check those extra letters. Now it all begins to make sense, after a bit of filling in of the gaps:

Ground floor perfumery, stationery, and leather goods, wigs and…

Which of course is the start of the Are You Being Served titles.

So now we can look at the clashes, and those thematic names. Some letters from the downs, some from the acrosses:


And there’s that last 1% of the grid filled. Two rows (being the top and bottom, which was very sporting of Eclogue) that can be unscrambled to give a two-word thematic phrase and two more names:


Well, that was fun. An easy one at last, and more comedy gold from the Inquisitor. Interesting fact of the day gleaned from Wikipedia? If it wasn’t for the Munich massacre, Are You Being Served’s pilot episode might never have been shown. Nice. So until next time then, when we have Phi, more Phi, and yet a little more Phi.

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