i Cryptic Crossword 2041 Dac

August 23, 2017

A little on the tricky side for Dac I thought, with steady but slowish progress throughout. I didn’t know the duck at 1ac, or 12ac – though what else could it be? First in was 5ac, last in 19ac where a hasty EXTENSION for 16d stymied me for too long. One or two where I couldn’t work out what was going on, including the aforementioned 16d. That’s my excuse anyway. As enjoyable as always, confident that with a little perseverance I’d be able to finish.

COD? With lots to like, I’ll go with 18d – “Gather fruit, topping for Belgian waffle (7)”.

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10 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2041 Dac”

  1. sprouthater said

    Pretty much the same as JoW but I did know the duck, 12ac is and I hope stays a complete unknown, having my dense head on I couldn’t parse 11ac. Agree with COD which along with 10ac got multiple ticks.

  2. AndyT said

    A little trickier than usual, it seemed to me, and the SE corner took a while. 24ac isn’t a dairy “product”, surely? That held things up for a while. Last one in was 11ac, accompanied by a slap to the forehead. Plenty to like as per.

  3. dtw42 said

    I made a fast start and thought it was going to be an easier one; then hit a bit of an impasse and slowed down. Still much better than yesterday though and pleasant enough. Nothing felt iffy to me. The duck didn’t leap immediately to mind but did surface eventually.

  4. Cornick said

    Very good, wasn’t it. NE went in so quickly that I thought I was heading for a PB, but things slowed progressively towards that tricky SE corner.
    I thought rennet came from sheep guts or something, but I suppose it ends up in the dairy section of our supermarkets… A moot point!

  5. Made the same mistake at 16d which made putting 19a a tad difficult. Is bramble a verb. To bramble? Otherwise why the word “gather”? Anyway… I manged to finish today, which is always good!

    • dtw42 said

      Yes, I suspect it probably is; when I was a kid taken down to visit my aunt on the south coast we used to go “blackberrying” (gathering fruit indeed) – and since brambles are essentially wild blackberries I suppose we could just as easily have said we were going “brambling”.

  6. allan_c said

    Found this a bit of a struggle even the second time around, although I vaguely remembered 24ac from before. And I tentatively put in EXTENSION at first thinking of Windows 10, though why both X and TEN should be there was puzzling. But of course Windows 10 hadn’t appeared in 2013 (and XP was already obsolescent).

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