i Cryptic Crossword 2033 Commoner

August 14, 2017

I knew we’d seen Commoner before in these parts, but couldn’t remember how easy or otherwise the previous puzzle was, so approached this with a little trepidation. As it was I didn’t have to worry, as this turned out to be a perfectly accessible, breezy IoS reprint. I couldn’t parse 11ac, and took an age to get 25ac at the end – or rather took an age to decide I’d have to sit down and parse the clue properly – but the rest went in with little trouble. Which was lucky, as a pre-lunch meeting today ate into half my lunch break, as these things tend to do, and anything a little tougher might have gone unsolved. All in all a decent substitute for Quixote.

COD? With lots to like, the succinct 12ac – “Heated, dry out? (9)”.

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4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 2033 Commoner”

  1. AndyT said

    Yes, I breezed through it, admiring 12ac along the way. 11ac was mysterious to me, and having seen the analysis it seems that an altogether different order of deviousness was at work in that one clue.

  2. Cornick said

    Although I managed to twig the parsing of 11a, the o’ for ‘on’ in 14d was new, although it had to be, really.
    A very fine puzzle, I thought; half way through I caught myself thinking how very much I enjoy doing crosswords. 🙂

  3. Well, I finished. Didn’t understand 11a. And 25a was the last one in. My new word of the day. 🙂

  4. sprouthater said

    Reasonably enjoyable puzzle that seemed to me to rely heavily on abbreviations. Couldn’t parse 11ac and 25ac was new to me.

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