i Cryptic Crossword 2021 Kairos

July 31, 2017

Only the second puzzle from this setter who made his debut in the i back in May and seems to have become a regular in the Independent. Unfamiliarity with Kairos’s style led to a fair bit of head scratching, but with four fifteen letter answers around the edges, 3 of which I found quite straightforward, although Round = Game at 8d seems a bit vague to me, there were a goodly number of checking letters to help solving. 1a had me fooled for a long time thinking that “cunning” was an anagrind. Two new words at 17dn and 22dn were both solved from the cryptic. 17dn is a chemical and “Hypnotic” seems a bit of a stretch to me. In general a quite enjoyable puzzle a couple of groans 15a in particular and I preferred Fridays clue for 10a.

COD  1d  Some pills worker and I push down soldiers (15)

A bit of discussion over on Fiteensquared regarding the parsing of 25a and 14d both of which seemed fine to me.


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  1. dtw42 said

    Yes, I finished it reasonably easily but felt dissatisfied with some of the definitions. 17dn troubled me enough to check the definition of “hypnotic” – apparently it’s also a medical term for a drug that induces sleep, so I guess that’s similar to a sedative. Still, I guess the answer word is the sort of thing that’s hard to define satisfactorily AND concisely AND not being a dead giveaway…!

  2. AndyT said

    A pretty fair Monday crossword, and I have no complaints worth mentioning. I have a strong feeling that it was Dr Watson who made me aware of that use of “hypnotic” … it certainly has a whiff of the Victorian era about it.

  3. sprouthater said

    I suspect Kairos uses a very old dictionary, my 1925 Funk & Wagnalls Practical Dictionary gives Hypnotic as ” An agent efficacious in producing sleep” also the other one I didn’t mention originally 4d fist = writing this is given as a colloquialism.

  4. Cornick said

    Enjoyed it. I do have some sympathy for setters aiming to make puzzles at the easier end of the spectrum, where it’s harder to create clues with a wow factor.
    That said this was inventive fare. Just a couple of obscurities for me – the aforementioned chloral and fist.

  5. Tough going for me. Question marks next to fist = writing? Rials? Emcee = anchor? and 17down… Also didn’t help by putting Broad Shouldered in at first.

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