i Cryptic Crossword 2013 Tyrus

July 21, 2017

After a few days away enjoying the architectural delights of York, mainly its alehouses, and not having the time or sobriety to do any crosswords I return to what to me is an extremely difficult puzzle from one of the Indie’s more challenging setters, or maybe like the setter I’m rusty. probably both, but judging by the comments over on Fifteensquared I’m not the only one who failed on 14d, a book by an author that I’ve not heard of before and wordplay that was very complicated. 12ac was another that struck as over complicated but in this case the wordplay proved unnecessary as with a few checking letters the answer was fairly obvious. 19ac similarly proved unparsable. The checking letters came mainly from the excellent and plentiful anagrams, 21ac and 26ac both getting ticks but its 5d that gets

COD     Fancy Tories! True embarrassingly but that’s not illegal (3,1,4.7)

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  1. jonofwales said

    Welcome back! I did a similar tour of York while on business many moons ago, though the memories are a little hazy now. 😉

    I seem to have struggled with most of the puzzles this week, so was pleased to find after today’s struggle that I wasn’t alone. I managed to get the longer answers quickly enough, but from then on it was a bit of a slog. Doesn’t the editor know that I’m usually exhausted by this point of the week? 🙂

  2. Cornick said

    Well done to anyone who solved all that unaided.
    First half was fine, next few took ages, then into wordfinder territory to get Mickey Finn and Romany Rye, but even that couldn’t help with Marmite and thievery.

  3. dtw42 said

    Ah, I was okay with Marmite and thievery, but had to resort to the Find Word tool in Crossword Compiler software in order to finish the NW corner. 14dn I’m sure was a very clever construction, but if too many of us had never heard of either the book or its author then that was a bit rich, I think.

  4. Certainly beat me. A dnf for me too. New book of the day: 14d.

  5. AndyT said

    Not just me, then. Well I did finish it unaided, but it took an age to extract Romany Rye from the memory banks … it took long enough for me to cotton onto the minor author in question. Definitely a bit rich. This felt like the hardest slog in a few weeks, but satisfying too. 12ac was my favourite today.

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