Inquisitor 1495 Two’s Company by Lato

June 28, 2017

Unnaturally warm weather descends on the UK, and with it Lato’s latest offering. Can we cool down long enough to make sense of the preamble? Think straight to solve the clues? No gimmicks outside of the thematic definition only ones, where we have misprints, and a resulting phrase. Highlighting at the end. Onto the clues, which at first glance look tricky. Only two on the first pass through, but that’s evidently dehydration because on closer inspection they’re perfectly solvable, with only a handful of question marks. The thematic clues less so. Some of the answers have fallen, but sorting out the misprints turns out to be a matter of ploughing through the big red book looking for likely definitions. Who would have thought eleven clues would take so long to sort? We’re looking for a two word phrase, so with a load of the misprints in place we can start to guess, and eventually (two days later, I’m telling you) there it is: LETTER PAIRS.

So what needs to be added to the thematic entries? The above mentioned letter pairs. OK, so my first guess at LAY being a bats’ refuge is wrong, and we’re looking at LAY-BY, KAVANAGH-QC, PG TIPS, JR EWING, GEORGE VI, WH AUDEN, AT ISSUE, DU BARRY, SIXTEEN OZ, LE FIGARO, CLASSIC FM.

What are we missing? K, N, S and X evidently. Though what to do with them? Highlight words in the grid containing those letters? That’s not going to work. What does the preamble say – “reportedly”. Sounds like? Highlight EXCESS and CAYENNE and we’re done. Now to bake in bed for a couple of hours. The heat wave is forecast to last how many days?

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