i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1960 by Phi

May 27, 2017

Saturday 20th May 2017

Over at Fifteensquared with all the answers here there was unanimous applause for last Saturday’s puzzle, so it must have been just me in a grumpy mood then!

Not with the tui, dreck, spelunker or lorikeet– all fine with me (hasn’t everyone heard of a lorikeet?) – but I didn’t like ‘stick’ being in both anagram fodder and solution for 2d, and I found all that tope business in 7d completely inaccessible. Then the definitions for 18a, 3d, 17d and 19d all jarred, alas… But everyone else seems happy with them, so maybe it was just me!

Heigh-ho. I did finish it in reasonable time and thought there was probably something ‘going on’. It turns out that The Father Brown (23a) series of detective stories includes: Innocence (16d) Wisdom (1a) Incredulity (11a) Secret (26a) and Scandal (20a).

COD? I was tempted by 9a, but the following is a perfect example of the setter’s art:

16d         Naivety a bar no longer, church admitted (9)

4 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1960 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    Oh, I liked 7d. Otherwise pretty much the same feelings here, especially about those definitions. Spelunker is one of those words which lurks in a dark and rarely visited corner of my memory and therefore took a long time to come to mind, but that lorikeet was a delight and COD for me.

  2. DB said

    Agree about Lorikeet, a perfectly familiar word. The 225 crowd seem to live in a weird elitist bubble that many mundane concepts do not penetrate.

  3. Rick King said

    Managed to grind spelunker out, lorikeet eluded me, enjoyed this on the whole even if failed to complete

  4. jonofwales said

    Spelunker’s come up often enough over the years that it’s been burned into my brain, the other unknowns all seemed fairly clued to me. Overall difficulty seemed to be on the easyish side for Phi, and perfectly entertaining. 🙂

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