i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1942 by Phi

May 6, 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017

Which, although it’s only May, I award the title of hardest-to-get ghost theme of the year.

If you look at the grid, you’ll see there are four black Fs, one on each corner – Phi calls it “The Four Fs grid”. By happy chance – and this you may have heard of – psychologists talk about The Four Fs said to be our most fundamental human drives, namely Fighting, Fleeing, Feeding and the other one (pick out the letters in 1d). Predictably no-one spotted that at Fifteensquared back in 2012 (click here).   And I suppose it does raise the possibility of Phi lobbing us the three Hs, or the five crosses perhaps, one day…

Anyhow, a pretty average level of difficulty from Phi; as usual his anagram clues were excellent but computers have made these rather easier to compile than they were in the days we used to rearrange the letters of our friends’ names with Scrabble tiles (or was that just me?), so I shall reserve my highest admiration for the clue which amused me the most:

21a Marine creature attracting Scottish comments in these areas? (3,5)


3 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1942 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    Somehow that one got past me. 🙂 Clever stuff, indeed, although how much is to be gained by lobbing the ball so far over solvers’ heads is open to question. Sometimes I get the feeeling that Phi indulges in these things as much to amuse himself as anything else. Anyway, it’s (almost) never to the detriment of the crossword, and as usual this was a nice little weekend treat. Agreed with that COD, but 3d is nipping at its heels.

    Today’s was rather thornier, and I suppose I’ll have to ransack it for hidden delights now.

  2. jonofwales said

    About average difficulty, with a couple of unknowns, and a theme? Oh, a theme. Needless to say I didn’t notice. 1ac was the main difficulty here – we say FUSS BUCKET in this neck of the woods (though it appears not to be in the dictionary) – so as you can imagine this caused me no end of problems.

  3. Rick King said

    Goodness me that’s a heck of a theme, I was looking for something theatrical based on the Odeon and Doyly Carte. Anyway a pleasing solve, fuss budget was new to me, but I’m sure I know a few! Thanks for the blog and of course to Phi for the puzzle.

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