Inquisitor 1487 Delivery by Eclogue

May 3, 2017

The end of the Easter holidays, and a weekend when I’m busy with lots of other things, so I don’t get a chance to look at this for a couple of days. Thankfully the preamble looks friendly enough. Each definition has lost a letter that spells out works by the mysterious 9d. A couple of other unclued entries as well, lots of talk of deliveries, and some things that need highlighting. Onwards, and a good start when the completely random clue I first pick out, 15ac, is one I can get – BAAL, a “fusion of (M)any gods”. Hurrah! The right hand side of the grid’s a little trickier, in particular the SE corner, and it takes an inspired guess with some crossing letters on the unclued 9d to make much progress – VICTORIA WOOD, isn’t it? With a little help from Google then the other unclued entries, “recipients of a delivery from 9d” must be Celia IMRIE and Duncan PRESTON.

So a full grid, albeit with much agonising over 20d, which it transpires is somewhere obscure in the Midlands. To those extra letters, which are supposed to spell out something. As is traditional at this point I spot all kinds of cock-ups I’ve made along the way, and sort them out, to give:


I’ve only heard of the last two, but they’re all by 9d. To the final highlighting – 23 cells, giving us items ordered, a carrier, and what was actually delivered. It takes a little digging on Google, but it must be this classic sketch, which yes, I do remember:

The items ordered, TWO SOUPS, carried of sorts by Julie WALTERS. What was actually delivered? Two empty bowls, which proves a little difficult to spot. But down south, there is a TWO, albeit skew-whiff, and BehOWLS. Two empty bowls? I haven’t got any better ideas, so that’ll do. Feel free to point out the very obvious I’ve missed.

Edited to note: Of course, if I’d looked a bit harder, I might have noticed that I’d made a right mess of 31d, and spotted the TWO BOWLS in sequence. A case of not being able to see the wood for the trees.

Many thanks to Eclogue for more comedy gold. 🙂

IQ 1487

Until next week, and all aboard the good ship Harribobs.

2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1487 Delivery by Eclogue”

  1. AndyT said

    That’s an accurate account of how things went here, too. Yes, the losing streak has come to an end at last. The only difference is that I have “furol” for 31d, which consolidates the two bowls into another 4×2 block – but you’ve alluded to that.

    In relative terms this was quite a gentle one I think, and this time the theme helped as well as adding another layer of complexity. Googling “Victoria Wood sketches” towards the end of the solving process returned a result titled “Victoria Wood’s Two Soups is the funniest sketch ever”. Pretty contentious … “Fork Handles”, anyone?

    • jonofwales said

      Well done! 🙂 Funniest sketch ever? Not sure about that, but it’s got to be pretty close.

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