i Cryptic Crossword 1920 Monk

April 4, 2017

A Saturday prize reprint today. I have awarded myself a hot cross bun for finishing, but hell’s teeth, what a struggle. Monk’s puzzles are invariably a slog, and this is the toughest I can recall. One does one’s best to be positive, but frankly there’s little to admire in this sort of intensive obfuscation and dictionary trawling if you ask me, because the effort expended is out of all proportion to the enjoyment conferred. Opinions?

Of course there’s always someone at Fifteensquared who finds it easy, but the original blogger Simon Harding modestly states that he tinkered with the puzzle over the course of a week. Good for him: I’d probably be more cheerful if I had. With the time constraint 17 and 23 beat me, and I can live with that. A few notably good clues today but nothing to take the breath away. Ticks for 1, 5 and 7; my clue of the day is 22d:

“Breaking shopaholic’s heart is fair game (6)”.

Of course we all spotted the theme, didn’t we?

4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1920 Monk”

  1. jonofwales said

    If I’d had a week to spend on this, I might have enjoyed it. But I didn’t, and lost the will halfway through.

  2. dtw42 said

    I’ve only solved 13 so far, and am getting fed up. Might turn down the back and do the minesweeper and and the word ladder instead :-/

  3. Cornick said

    About a third of the way through I turned to the useful Chambers Word Wizard and entered things like ?????LAW which then gave me a little list of answers to choose from. Much easier! What’s that you say? Cheating you say?
    Maybe, but it did mean that a) I could ‘finish’ and b) I enjoyed myself; so maybe a puzzle with which to abandon normal rules of fair play!
    Can’t help wondering what I’d have done on one of my days in the woods though…

  4. Too tough for me of a weekday. I sit down in the evening for an hour or so. Maybe got a third of this before throwing in the towel.

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