Inquisitor 1482 Changes by Lato

March 29, 2017

Or the blog that almost wasn’t. I probably wasn’t on my best form Saturday afternoon what with one thing and another, but still, a handful of answers in the SE corner and nothing else wasn’t exactly the most auspicious of starts, and it looked like a rare run of successful solves was about to come to a juddering halt (OK, just about successful, let’s ignore that little slip at the end of last week’s Nimrod). So to Saturday evening, and start again, with a pint of Hobgoblin to ease the thought processes. To the preamble – some words that need to be changed to a “more contemporary version of one other (clued without definition)”… OK… Extra letters from wordplay in other answers tell us what we’re looking for. Sort of. That sounds like something we can cope with. We also have two unclued entries which hopefully a few crossing letters will sort out. Should we actually manage to get any. Thankfully my brain seems to have kicked into gear, after a bit of liquid refreshment, or perhaps more importantly with the kids tucked up quietly in bed, and the clues are starting to fall, albeit slowly, a quarter at a time. One of those where a corner of the grid remains resolutely blank until you get one and then everything around it falls into place.

Those two unclued entries? They look like they’re going to be PARADOX, and THE SAME. To the entry that’s clued without definition. I’d like to say that I managed to crack the wordplay, but the truth is entries elsewhere gave me FTHESEUS – got to be OF THESEUS, then, hasn’t it? Google to the rescue. SHIP OF THESEUS across the centre of the grid. Wikipedia tells us that “The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus’s paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.” Of course. What to do about it? Most but not all of the clues have rendered an extra letter – the ones that don’t cross Theseus’s ship. As is almost de rigueur, at this point I realise I’ve made a mistake or two or three when the message those letters spell out proves to be… less than intelligible, so out with the rubber and try again now we’ve got something else to work with, to give us “SEVENTEEN NEW HEADS FOURTEEN NEW HANDLES”, which is apparently a quote from Only Fools And Horses.

Trigger And that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old broom’s had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.
Sid How the hell can it be the same bloody broom then?

So that’s our modern day version of Theseus’s ship. TRIGGER’S BROOM, with each of the crossing entries still forming real words. Huzzah!

Until next time, then, and a green theme from Kruger to mark the start of Spring.

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1482 Changes by Lato”

  1. AndyT said

    Huzzah indeed, Jon. This was another case where I guessed what was going on in general terms but lacked the energy to pursue the matter. I thought it might turn out to be based on HMS Victory, as it happens. Without a doubt the Only Fools and Horses reference would have stumped me.

  2. Lizard said

    Er…surely this is not the i cryptic by Dac ?!

    • jonofwales said

      It would be a definite step up in difficulty for him. 🙂 No, that will be posted lunchtimeish.

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