i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1882 by Phi

February 25, 2017

Saturday 18th February 2017

A fine example of a British daily cryptic crossword from Phi last Saturday, with four of the clues jostling for my nomination as Clue of the Day. There was something rather wonderful about 4 down though, which gets to be repeated here:

Stop selecting one letter from tab? (5)

Also noteworthy for me was the discovery on the Fifteensquared blog here that, according to Chambers, some people find the term ‘Celtic Fringe’ in 11d offensive. Really?  Offensive?  Oh please!


7 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1882 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    That would definitely be my COD, too. Whilst I have scant sympathy for those who take offence at unintended slights, I can see why certain groups might look askance at “Celtic Fringe” … supporters of Glasgow Rangers, for instance. 😉

    • Cornick said

      I’m in said fringe – it’s a fair description!

      • AndyT said

        I have been worrying about this, in case my comment above may have come across as unduly flippant. It certainly wasn’t my intention, not that that’s any sort of excuse. As it turns out, it appears that my mindset is that of a lowland English cultural imperialist, and so I can only apologise abjectly for any offence caused.


      • Cornick said

        Not at all!
        It’s a really interesting question as to what ‘central’ and ‘peripheral’ might or might not be. In the travelling days of my youth I spent 6 months in India and came, during that time, to rather see the whole of the British Isles as an outpost. All is relative when it comes to Geography I suppose, but in Penwith, say (near Land’s End), there is a palpable sense of being at the edge of things.

      • AndyT said

        I vividly recall getting that sense of being in “a real corner of the world” as Melville put it, in a village (a couple of hundred yards of street, really) called Allihies in Co. Kerry. The feeling that there was nothing to see for thousands of miles to the West was striking, to say the least of it. A sobering thought, given that the roads around there afford ample opportunities for driving into the Atlantic.

  2. jonofwales said

    As another member of the Celtic Fringe I must admit that it’s news to me. Some people must be very sensitive.

    Anyway, this was an enjoyable, not too difficult puzzle. 1ac tickled my fancy at the time.

  3. Rick King said

    Good puzzle with some really satisfying clues, regret that I did not get PALIMPSEST – not a word I knew and a mental block on the parsing. Can’t win them all…

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