i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1858 by Phi

January 28, 2017

Saturday 21st January 2017

Described over on the 2012 Fifteensquared blog as ‘good solid national daily crossword fare’, last Saturday’s prize puzzle didn’t really have the bells and whistles we so often get with Phi – although the paired clues in the SW and NE corners were both noteworthy.

The former, which defeated me, was ‘Expert’s one appearing in report? There you go!’ for which the answer was ‘BADA BING’….Really?

The latter by contrast was a cracker, and for me gets the uncontested award as Clue of the Day.  So here it is again:

7/8 Demand from nationalist poet leads to unusual literary event (4,4)

4 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1858 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    Yes … I almost never have any cause for complaint with Phi, but when I do it always seems to have something to do with pairs of four letter words. 22/23 was was such a lousy trick to play on the solver that it ruined the puzzle for me, near enough. Very poor form indeed.

  2. sprouthater said

    Totally agree 22/23 spoiled the whole thing for me.

  3. jonofwales said

    What everybody else said. This was reasonably difficult anyway, but then that SW corner…

  4. allan_c said

    As usual, a puzzle that I didn’t remember doing the first time in 2012. And I see that I must have done it online then so was able to get BADA BING by trial and error. I certainly didn’t get it this time around, so 22/23 was the proverbial ha’porth of tar.

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