i Cryptic Crossword 1860 Mordred

January 24, 2017

Ordinarily I’d expect to have my work cut out with Mordred, but this was done and dusted in pretty short order. The clever gimmick in this puzzle is of the sort which provides the solver with a lot of help, always assuming that one spots it. Rather difficult to miss on this occasion.

The constraints imposed by Mordred’s chosen format led to the inclusion of some unusual vocabulary, which may cause mutterings. 17ac got a tut from me, and in more normal circumstances I’d be sniffy about 16 and 28 too. Given the effort expended by the compiler, however, one wouldn’t wish to be a churl. What did irritate me was the “mate” in 15 which strikes me as rather infra dig. Favourites included 1, 18 and 22, but in common with many of the contributors to the original August 2012 Fifteensquared blog entry I shall point to 9ac as my COD:

“Mess regulation concerning privates (10)”

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  1. jonofwales said

    I was struggling quite badly with this, with a few answers dotted here and there, before I noticed something a bit suspicious happening in the perimeter, at which point the rest went in apace. I can’t count today, otherwise 9ac would have been one of my first in, instead of my last, convinced as I was that, despite appearances, this couldn’t be an anagram because there weren’t enough letters…

    9ac was good, but 18ac tickled me, fond as I am of the original stories.

    • Jimbo said

      After a slow start, I stopped the heLp in the margins fairly early on but still managed to get stuck on a few. Putting LEAN in for 4d didn’t help.

      7 tickled my fancy, as I often start the i on the bus into work and, if it’s running late, I don’t get time to grab a coffee.

  2. Cornick said

    I agree with M. Batarde on every point in the above.
    Spotted suspicious Ls early on with just 4 clues in, all in the SW. Rapid progress thereafter. Probably would have been a very different story otherwise.

  3. sprouthater said

    Missed the L,s until late on so a very slow solve. LOI the horrible 16a

  4. dtw42 said

    A busy day meant it was 11pm before I really got to look at this at all, and I was glad to be at home within reach of Chambers, tbh. The grid design made me vigilant for tricks from the start, and like Cornick, I found myself suspecting what was going on after the first four. I agree that 17ac was a bit odd since it could easily have been clued without reference to branded drinks. Suppose he really liked the wordplay on ‘still’. Hey ho.

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