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January 17, 2017

Rock ‘n’ roll. I’m probably on my own in thinking that the film Spinal Tap, rather than being a comic masterpiece is obvious and largely unfunny, but never mind that. It makes for a good crossword theme, and no knowledge of it is required (although it will help in the case of my COD). The clues are littered with musical references, but there are fewer than one might expect amongst the solutions.

Apparently this was Jambazi’s first puzzle for the Indy back in July 2014: quite a debut. It turned out to be a surprisingly quick solve for me, but a highly entertaining one. The only thing I didn’t like was 4ac, which is an ignoble sort of noun-turned-into-a-verb … good clue though. Otherwise plenty to enjoy, with a wide variety of cryptic ploys to disentangle. 2,8,9 and 24 all stand out, but 18ac is the clue of the day. Quite apart from the mental image it conjures for anyone who has seen the film, it’s a fine example of the setter’s craft:

“Ruin good man – single female say coming back (10)”

The Fifteensquared blog entry for this puzzle is highly recommended. duncanshiell’s analysis will surely answer all conceivable questions, but you’ll also find an explanation of Jambazi’s nom de plume and in comment 3 a link to a photograph of a number of crossword setters, including some of our more formidable adversaries. Nice to be able to put faces to the aliases. In view of this I am inviting suggestions for an appropriate collective noun for crossword compilers.


9 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1854 Jambazi”

  1. Cornick said

    I think I preferred Tramp/ Jambazi’s first puzzle (his second in the Indy) but this was all enjoyable fare with only OC for original cover being completely new – philately apparently.
    I love a bit of rock music, but Spinal Tap is not quite my bag, so the theme was pretty much lost on me.
    First suggestion for a collective noun:
    An obfuscation of compilers.

  2. sprouthater said

    Luckily no knowledge of Spinal Tap was required, because that’s exactly what I have and how I intend it to stay. Quick solve here too. Agree with your COD but also thought 10a excellent .
    What about an Convolution of crossword compilers?

  3. jonofwales said

    I’ve not seen the film, but have seen enough clips to appreciate the thematic material. A steady solve for me, neither particularly fast or particularly slow. If I’d got my brain into gear earlier and sorted out some of the, fairly obvious, longer anagrams, I suspect it would have been a different story.

  4. dtw42 said

    I’m sort of semi-familiar with the film, but got most of the references. Was thankful that familiarity wasn’t required for solving though. I was impressed with how he managed to incorporate answer words that would enable clues using anagrams of longish thematic phrases such as “it’s one louder” and “Nigel Tufnel”.

  5. AndyT said

    Thank you, folks. I was toying with a bamboozlement … or a pack of setters.

  6. allan_c said

    I’ll go with Sprouthater and vote for ‘Convolution’

  7. Cornick said

    I notice t’internet has ‘a flummox’ on someone’s blog somewhere, but I rather like Sprouthater’s bit of alliteration so he can get my vote too!

  8. Rick King said

    Rare attempt at a weekday puzzle while on a flight – well two of I’m honest, there and back. Enjoyable on the whole, even if I didn’t complete. I liked the film, though remember very little of it, 11ac was good if only for the ‘eleven’ reference (and the clue is actually number eleven – that’s neat), sorry to those on whom that is lost, I am seeing this as my payback for all the classical composers that I can’t identify. Though with Dvorak’s appearance here I don’t get the last laugh.
    Anyway a belated thanks to Jambazi for the entertainment and Cornick for the blog, now off to track down Cornick’s Indy puzzle… Live this Thursday…

  9. Rick King said

    Whoops apologies to batarde and Cornick for mistaken identity, as an occasional reader I did not check the blogger’s identity… Sorry both

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