i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1828 by Phi

December 24, 2016

Saturday 17th December 2016

For any Nina spotters out there, when there are 15-letter words in both row 2 and 14, it’s highly unlikely that the grid could then be contrived to have a hidden message in the unches of rows 1 and 15, especially if there are two more long entries running down the columns, as last week.

No, this was just a good, pretty straightforward crossword with a sprinkling of exotica to keep things interesting. Amongst which AVIFAUNAL  was familiar enough, BETATRON was clear from the wordplay, but my last one in was the cleverly constructed 7d ANIMADVERSION,  which took me an age before the penny finally dropped.

So all good and no complaints – just another fine puzzle from Phi. I wonder if he’s given us something seasonal for today?  Merry Christmas one and all.

2012 blog with all the answers here.

COD: 11a Entirely definite, removing animal depicted in fable (11)



6 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1828 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    I wrote “quite tough” in the margin, so it must have put up a bit of a fight. All good stuff, however, as we have come to expect. Merry Christmas once again.

  2. allan_c said

    Nothing really to complain about, just a minor point I’m surprised no-one picked up in the original blog: in 17ac although Rye is one of the Cinque Ports it isn’t exactly a coastal town – it’s a mile or so inland on the river Rother.

  3. Rick King said

    Struggled to get 19d, now I know why as I did not know this word – still solvable from word play so no complaints. Liked 20d 20d and a good puzzle as a whole.
    Thanks to Cornick for all the blogs this year – guess there’s one more Saturday blog to fit in this year – and Yule tide greetings to all.

  4. jonofwales said

    I seem to remember finding this one on the tough side, but solvable with patience and perseverance. Either that or I solved on a Saturday morning half awake, again.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Cornick said

    I’m lovin’ Santa on his sleigh JoW, nice touch 🙂

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