i Cryptic Crossword 1784 Raich

October 27, 2016

An enjoyable, pretty straightforward puzzle from Raich. I must admit to failing to spot the very clever wordplay in 1ac and just bunging the answer in, but what else could it be?

Lots of very nice clues, with COD going to 13d – ‘Quaking heart when pert niece misbehaves? (9)’.

Back to April 2012 for this IoS reprint:


4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1784 Raich”

  1. dtw42 said

    ahhh .. me too on 1ac – I thought that was just a slightly naff CD.
    Finished this one pretty quickly.

  2. AndyT said

    That’s awfully clever … I however am not, so it passed me by. Yes, thoroughly enjoyable all told.

  3. sprouthater said

    Ditto 1a. All over to quickly but enjoyable nonetheless

  4. Cornick said

    With 1a I briefly sought a pair of words starting I.S. (is originally) but missed the nice ATM thing.
    I wonder if LouLou got a bit further with this one?

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