i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1744 by Phi

September 17, 2016

Saturday 10th September 2016

So my system when blogging is that I put a tick if the clue is excellent, a double tick means (obviously enough) that it’s doubly so.  An unsmiley face means a clue which either I dislike because if my peculiar set of prejudices or else because it’s a bit dodgy (according to my judgement, flawed though it might be).  Other comments may or may not be chucked in around the margin – question marks or ‘Too hard!’ and the occasional ‘Wow!’

The good people over at Fifteensquared thought this a little harder than usual, and also that it came amidst a period of high Phi productivity.  No theme or Nina – unless you think ‘The Cat’s Whiskers’ across the middle links to ‘PJS’ (Pyjamas) and ‘EYE’ in the unchecked squares in top and bottom row.

Worst offender amongst the unsmiley faces was ‘famous actors’ = ‘starry’ in 8d; and my favourite amongst those single ticks (no doubles on this occasion) was the simple but neat 7d:

Dance perceived to present a puzzle (6)


5 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1744 by Phi”

  1. AndyT said

    My system is very similar, when I remember. This one got five ticks, which is about par for the course on a Saturday, and a couple of question marks which isn’t. (In addition to that “starry”, “la” for “look” really gave me the pip).

    And there’s a comment: “cf. Hermann Hesse” by 1d, reminding me to mention the “Age of the Feuilleton” section in “The Glass Bead Game” which contains some rather tart remarks about the business of solving crosswords. Hesse seems to have regarded our little pastime as definitive evidence of intellectual impoverishment … so that’s us told, then.

  2. jonofwales said

    I’ve noted that this was a little harder than par, but nothing else jumps out now a week on…

  3. sprouthater said

    My impression of the Saturday puzzles is that they have got a bit more difficult over the last two weeks. Peppered with with, what are to me, obscurities. 1d in particular in this puzzle.

  4. Simon Harding said

    Couldn’t quite finish this, with 1dn and 5dn beating me.

    Regarding “starry”, I think that’s actually “*with* famous actors”, which seems fine to me.

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