i Cryptic Crossword 1728 by Morph

August 23, 2016

Well I thought that was terrific.

I have no fewer than four candidates for Clue of the Day, plus another 10 clues with ticks in the margin.  Mind you I also have ROAD with a question mark for 5d, having been defeated by the unfamiliar mobile=M abbreviation.

The sprinkling of techie related clues plus my first answer of Applets alerted me to the theme, but it took a trip to Fifteensquared and the original blog  – click here – to give me all the themed answers: Blackberry, Ice cream sandwich, Applets, Roam, Nexus, Wapping and Android. You may have noticed some others…

Obviously the current Chinese leader  isn’t Hu at all but Li Keqiang, (so the answer to 29a isn’t LIGE). Spotting such anachronisms is a sport which only the i can offer, of course. 

As for those four double-tickers, I had 12a, 28a, 1d and 9d. The winner by a nose is the following:

28a Theseus at first leaves threads tied – way of getting help in labyrinth (7)

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  1. AndyT said

    Splendid, wasn’t it? My ticks are probably about the same as yours; the score was outstanding today. Morph gets a “bravo!” from me.

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