i Cryptic Crossword 1698 Raich

July 19, 2016

Another straightforward offering today, with a theme I totally failed to spot. Apparently it’s the 5ac’s, and their songs, of which I must admit to knowing only the one, 23d.

COD? 17d – ‘He turns out as a winner on the net? (7)’.

Our first reprint from 2012:



3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1698 Raich”

  1. sprouthater said

    Possibly even easier than yesterdays.

  2. AndyT said

    Oh dear, 2d/17d is jumping out at me now that you’ve mentioned it. Should have spotted that theme really. I found quite a few of the clues a little too elementary today, or to put it another way there were plenty of clichés in evidence.

  3. Cornick said

    Convinced there was a theme but couldn’t spot it. Hardly surptising really – The Shadows were about as uncool as it was possible to be when I first got in to music, so ‘Apache’ was the only one I ever knew.
    I wonder if they’ll ever come back into fashion… after all, Queen did,

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