i Cryptic Crossword1693 Dac

July 13, 2016

After yesterday’s offering from that Scorpion chappie (which Onions dashed off in ten minutes chuckling smugly to himself all the while, curse him), I assumed that we’d be back on solid, familiar ground today. As it turns out Dac’s puzzle is a bit of an odd one this time.

Some may take the view that there are rather too many proper nouns, and a bit of an undue emphasis on knowledge which may or may not be regarded as general. Nicknames for football clubs, Italian towns and characters from Dickens, for instance. Happily that sort of thing – as well as authors (Russian and English), former statesmen (Egyptian) and Expressionist film directors (Austrian), is very much in my line – although how I knew about Portsmouth is a mystery, admittedly. Anyway, assuming all that didn’t cause too much trouble it was an entertaining, well-crafted crossword, as per. The two long anagrams were nicely put together, and I particularly enjoyed 1 and 2d; my COD however is 26ac:

“Maiden and German bachelor rolling over in bed (6)”

Analysis and discussion from the shortest day of 2011 are on offer at Fifteensquared.


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword1693 Dac”

  1. jonofwales said

    I found this to be mostly straightforward, apart from a brief tussle at the end with 2d and 13ac, where I wanted to chuck in LORRAINE, which was a letter too long, and BERG who didn’t in any way fit the definition or wordplay. The unknowns, and there were quite a few for me, were all pretty fairly clued, so weren’t a big concern. If you hadn’t guessed that this was a reprint from December 2011, then 6d sort of gave the game away. đŸ™‚

  2. dtw42 said

    Yup, I’ve just finished this in my lunch break; it was 1ac enough.
    2dn, which I suspected early on but was not convinced of, was my last one in since 11 and 13 were the last to be solved.

    My CoD would be 18dn, which I thought was jolly clever.

    Think it’s probably time to retire SADAT from crossword duty though (even if the only other possible fit for the slots S_D_T available to the setter is more of a 3,2 than a 5, ahem…).

  3. Cornick said

    Yes, it was unusually demanding in the general knowledge department – which I normally rather like.
    However, although I’ve heard of 13a, I had no idea where he was from, so the ‘Austrian-born’ bit only served to confuse.
    Otherwise all very enjoyable.

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