i Cryptic Crossword 1686 Tyrus

July 5, 2016

Well, that was quite a tough nut to crack, which is possibly another example of 27ac… I must admit that I’m not particularly fond of this type of crossword, where you have to solve the gateway clue to make sense of the thematic entries. Or, in my case, fail to solve the gateway clue until the very end so that the rest made no sense at all, and I was left feeling decidedly grumpy rather than satisfied at the close. I think I’d have been happier if 27ac hadn’t been quite so hard to get. As it was there were too many bits of the grid that just wouldn’t fall, and where I was making educated guesses based on checking letters and what may or may not have been a definition. I’m not sure whether I like 13ac or not, despite getting it fairly early on. I’m guessing Sprouthater wouldn’t have.

COD? 15d – ‘Lorna’s girl to muck in (2,4,3)’.

This was a reprinted Saturday prize puzzle from December 2011, lots more comment to be found here:



3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1686 Tyrus”

  1. dtw42 said

    Bah, humbug. Just finished that (excepting 13ac) with a lot of help from online word-finders, because otherwise I’d not have got anywhere with it. Then came on here and clicked the link through to fifteensquared to see what 13ac was because I couldn’t see how any of the possibilities AIL, ALL, and AWL might work.
    yes, I have heard of him, but I am sure that I don’t like that.

  2. AndyT said

    Tyrus, eh? Tired me, anyway. I think on balance I enjoyed it once the theme had started to emerge, but the setter did spend a lot of time out on the boundaries of what could be considered reasonable in a daily crossword, and probably hopped over the fence in the case of 13ac. (That said, it was my first one in). My favourite today was 3d.

  3. Cornick said

    Very hard, but utterly gripping for me. Tussled on and off throughout the afternoon – a couple of clues here, a couple more there and, having only just finished work, I was thrilled to have finished unaided with 9a my last one in.
    Your COD, Jon, was my first one in and I would, like Andy, pick 3d as my favourite.
    Did anyone else put in IN TWO SEPARATE INSTANCES for 1a/d, I wonder?

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