i Cryptic Crossword 1677 Glow-Worm

June 24, 2016

After a couple of extremely difficult offerings this week, and what would have been a late night for many of us watching the car crash that was Brexit, this came as a bit of much needed light relief. The very definition of a read and write, I wish I’d timed myself as I’m sure it would have been a PB. As it was, half was solved waiting in a car park, the rest hurriedly after lunch, in anticipation of something that might have taken longer. Sprouthater, BTW, is off on his hols, so you’ve got me to put up with for a few weeks. 😉

COD? 6d – ‘Pan-American League? (5)’.

Here’s the Fifteensquared blog for this IoS reprint that, I thought, filled Quixote’s shoes amply.


4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1677 Glow-Worm”

  1. AndyT said

    Ye-es … good in a Monday morning sort of way, although some of the clues were so elementary that I felt a little short-changed. More of a distraction from matters of national import would have been welcome. I have a quibble: a certain someone made a 19ac speech this morning, but I for one most certainly didn’t find it touching.

  2. dtw42 said

    With ‘x’, tribe unexpectedly went outside? (6)

  3. Cornick said

    Funny old week; only Dac in the Goldilocks zone, and even then a bit gentle for regulars.
    This one had two hiddens and 9 anagrams, all plainly signposted, the catagories of clues generally thought to be the easiest.

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