i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1654 by Raich

June 4, 2016

Saturday 28th May  2016

Our usual Saturday setter Phi was replaced by Raich last weekend and we got a themed puzzle where ‘Carry On’ was hidden as a Nina across row 1 and six of the answers were film titles from the series, namely Nurse, Teacher, Khyber, Sergeant, Regardless and Cleo. Sid and Kenneth made an appearance in the clues as well, as did Feature film and Matron. There may be other references I’ve missed.  Carry On Landlord, Grandpa and Reverent did seem vaguely plausible until I checked on t’internet.

So a clever gridfill but, more importantly, a set of clues with a light and enjoyable feel to them – no complaints at all now I’ve discovered that Corn Beef at 1d is a legitimate alternative to the Corned Beef of my youth.

For my COD I nearly went for the one which first alerted me to the theme:

3d Part of caper, ever entertaining, like humour here? Hardly (8)

But how could I resist 8a for the accolade? Here it is again:

Pupils of either sex (4)

Full analysis of clues at Fifteensquared here.


5 Responses to “i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1654 by Raich”

  1. AndyT said

    Yes, it was a nice lightweight change, and my only complaint would be that it didn’t last very long. Hard, as you say, to resist 8ac, but judging by my annotations it was 18ac (“Kenneth initially seen by her, mischievously making a pass”) which really tickled me and gave away the theme early on.

    Back to normal today, with Czech violinists, Hebrew months and some Ariosto.

  2. Tony Truluck said

    In the meantime, I know what is the answer to 19 down but I can’t work out where ‘implausible’ fits! Hmmm

    • jonofwales said

      That will be this week’s puzzle, for which the blog will appear next Saturday. 🙂 Start by thinking about some synonyms, though…

    • Cornick said

      I’m not really supposed to offer tips for a prize crossword until the following Saturday – there’s a Goodmans radio at stake after all(!) – but seeing as you’ve got the answer anyhow, a synonym for implausible accounts for letters 2,5,6 & 7 of the answer, like an implausible excuse. 🙂 By the way that was my last one in.

  3. jonofwales said

    A thoroughly enjoyable puzzle from Raich, a welcome relief after some increasingly high-brow offerings from Phi. 🙂 I only spotted the theme three clues from the end, the icing on the cake of an already good crossword. More like this please!

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