i Cryptic Crossword 1659 Crosophile

June 3, 2016

Well I struggled with this. Started off well with 1,9,10,11a going straight in then nothing until 25a. Similar story with the down clues. The top half seemed a lot easier than the bottom but after much head scratching and in the case of 14d guessing I was left with the SE corner. 24a was an unknown to me , I guessed from the “in” that the answer was hidden within the clue but I couldn’t find it in my dictionary luckily 24a and 28a were fairly straightforward or I still might struggling. All of this was to accommodate a Nina which will be meaningless unless you know the works of a band called Lives Of Angels. On the whole an enjoyable puzzle but 14d is still a mystery to me, Oh well.

COD  10a   Jailbreaker heading off’s right to be inside – he;s a bad man on the fiddle (7)

The Blog from July 2011 is here      http://www.fifteensquared.net/2011/07/24/independent-on-sunday-1118-crosophine-placeholder/


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  1. AndyT said

    A nina, eh? Wasted on me, sadly. There were some problems with this puzzle, of which the worst was 24ac. It ain’t an ounce. 17d is grammatically incorrect too, something I’d have expected the editor to have spotted. Barring those and a few minor niggles, a reasonable crossword, but what I’d really like to see from Crosophile is a plain puzzle with no fancy features.

  2. jonofwales said

    A Nina? Didn’t spot that. Most went in reasonably quickly, but the SE corner put up a bit of a struggle, as did 1ac, where I didn’t know either definition.

    Thanks for covering yesterday, BTW, as well as doing today’s slot. I did manage to solve both puzzles, but not until quite late in the day.

  3. jonofwales said

    Just remembered. 23ac mystified me, but notice Crosophile noted it as an error over on Fifteensquared…

  4. dtw42 said

    17d was my LOI – got some help from my girlfriend on the last six or so. For once, the smattering of weird words alerted me to the possibility that the setter was up to something and I spotted ‘elevator’ in the unches in row 2. Then seeing ‘of angels’ in row 14 sent me scuttling to Google in the hope that that meant something. Results from *that* brought me back to the grid, where I found “to Eden”, and spent a while then looking for “lives” before deciding it wasn’t there and coming on here to see what you lot made of it! 🙂

  5. dtw42 said

    ah – 24dn of course!
    Anyway, my COD was 20ac – a nice &lit 🙂

  6. Cornick said

    Hi Sprouthater, Re 14d: Definition is ‘One of the fast 15’. 15a is ‘Motors’ so that’s ‘One of the fast motors’. Answer is Racing Car. So far so good… Wordplay is ‘if into GT it’d be adording farm vehicle’. So put racing car into GT and you’d get ‘Gracing carT’ which means ‘adorning farm vehicle’.
    A curate’s egg, this one. Like others the top half flew in, unlike others it was the SW corner that held me up – 23a and 17d being the last two in. Missed Nina completely.

    • sprouthater said

      Thanks Cormick, I did see it after much pondering but really don’t like it: 🙂

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